Organize With Me: Closet + Pantry

I'm back with another post talking all about organization, so if this is a topic you're into (or obsessed with like me lol) then this blog post is for you!

This week I'm sharing how I organized my closet and pantry to optimize the spaces in both areas. In my latest YouTube video I show the process of me going through and organizing from start to finish so be sure you watch that video, it's linked below.

Here in this blog post, I'm sharing the after photos of both spaces completely organized along with shoppable links to the products I used to sort things out and how I organized them.

Before I sorted out my closet I had piles of jeans overflowing on the floor, shoes all over the place, the clothing rods were crammed to max capacity to the point where I couldn't slide anything right or left, and I was completely out of hangers.

The first solution I had to free up both hangers and rod space was to remove all of my denim from the hangers. I decided that folding, stacking, and placing them on the top shelf was the most efficient and space-saving way to store them so I did just that, and it worked.

Once I freed up space on the clothing rod from where the denim used to be, I then rearranged the clothing by keeping the neutral tops I reach for most often on the upper rod and colorful pieces, matching sets, and bottoms on the lower rod. In doing this I now had more room on both the top and bottom to add future clothing items.

To organize my shoes I bought these affordable, sturdy, and space-saving stackable shoe drawer organizers which I love. They're super easy to assemble and I appreciate how they each have a clear window in the front to see what shoes are inside the box. Using these was a great way to utilize the vertical space on the shelf for optimal storage. 


One of the biggest issues I had with the way the pantry was previously set up was that the shelves in the pantry closet were two wood panels deep. The problem with that was that things placed in the very back of the shelves would tend to be forgotten about which would lead to them expiring and I didn't like that.

So my solution to this problem was to remove a wooden panel on each shelf to change the depth from two wooden panels to one. In doing this I could now clearly see every item within the pantry so that nothing would go to waste.

To make up for the lost space from the removal of the wooden panels on each shelf I needed to find something that would provide optimal storage without compromising space in this tiny pantry. 

When researching I came across this over-the-door organizer and it was exactly what I was looking for.

Installing this over-the-door organizer was really fast and easy and I like how the placement of each storage basket is adjustable. Adding this to my pantry allowed me to store everything that didn't fit on the shelves.

To utilize the vertical space on the top shelf I used stackable clear storage bins to store dry foods and ingredients. On two of the shelves, I used storage baskets to organize different food items and ingredients. 


I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and/or watching my video. If you'd like to see more organization content, check out my bathroom organization blog post and/or my bathroom organization video.

Thank you for taking some time to visit my blog, I appreciate you more than you'll ever know. Until next time friends, take care!

xo, Your Girl Jess

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