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The topic of discussion today is organization. Organization is something that I find to be relaxing, satisfying, and gives me a sense of peace and clarity. I've always felt like this about organization for as long as I can remember and I'm not sure if it has to do with my type-A personality or my Virgo zodiac sign but I thrive in an organized space.

So I am thrilled to be sharing a post all bout this topic with you today!

In my most recent YouTube video I share the process of me going through and organizing my bathroom. The style of this video is more laid-back and relaxing to watch as there is hardly any talking and mainly consists of clips of me organizing with some chill music playing throughout in the background.

I've included the video below for you to watch and enjoy! 

Here on the blog I'm sharing my thought process when it came to organizing this bathroom, the after photos of my vanity completely organized, and the links to the storage containers I used as well.

My thought process when it comes to organizing usually starts with the simple question: What is it that I'm organizing? And in this case the answer was, my bathroom.

I then see what I'm working with and start categorizing everything either mentally or by making a note on my phone or on paper first. In this bathroom some of the categories I had were daily essentials, skincare, haircare, backup products, cleaning products, and so on. 

The next step is taking everything out of its place and bringing everything together to begin the actual hands-on categorizing process which usually looks like separate piles of stuff/products either on the floor or on a surface.

Once everything has been successfully put into categories I gather the storage containers I have and plan to use and start seeing what will work for a said category or what storage containers are needed for a said category.

When thinking of storage containers I always keep in mind where it's going to be placed, for example if it's going inside a drawer I try and have the measurements of the drawer on hand when going out to purchase a storage container that way I know it will fit inside the drawer properly. I also love getting decorative storage pieces because they can be displayed and incorporated into a design but still have a purpose. 

The final step is placing the products by categories into their designated storage containers, this step can be like playing a game of Tetris but it's what makes it the most fun, and then placing the storage containers in their designated area.

Now that I've shared my thought process on how I organized this space, I now want to share the after photos and what I used to store said categories and products in my bathroom.

I found these apothecary glass jars around the kitchen area of my local Dollar Tree many years ago {similar jars linked here + here} and I've used them as functional decorative storage ever since. I placed these jars up on my shelf so I could have easy access to them since each holds my daily essentials like cotton swabs, floss picks, and cotton pads.

This wicker basket I found at my local Goodwill for under $5 {similar baskets linked here + hereand I highly encourage you to check out your local thrift store for home decor or storage baskets/pieces because you never know what you might find. Here I placed the basket on my vanity countertop and use it to store face towels.

I needed a storage container to keep my feminine products tucked away but still easily accessible and I found this ceramic jar from Walmart that doubles as a pretty decor piece that now lives on a floating shelf above my toilet.

This wicker basket from Ross {similar linked here} has been with me since my very first apartment back in 2015 and it's still going strong. I used this basket to hold extra toilet paper, baby wipes, and air fresher. Basically all of the toilet essentials.

I purchased these stackable storage bins at my local H-E-B, {similar linked here} they come in sets and work perfectly for the cabinet under my sink so I ended up buying about 5 of these storage bin sets so you will see them again in more drawers. I stored all of my cleaning products and tools in the bin to the right and in the bin to the left I stored any overflow of the cleaning products and miscellaneous products like my Dr.Teal's bath bubbles, dog shampoo, hand soap refill, and mouthwash.

In this drawer I only used one small storage container {similar linked here} to hold backup feminine products and the rest of the backup products didn't need storage containers.

Here I used another one of the H-E-B storage bins {similar linked here} to hold my unopened skincare products that I plan to use in the future and a small squared storage container {linked here} from the Dollar Tree to store cough drops. 

This drawer contains some daily essentials like makeup remover, makeup remover pads, hair accessories, lip products, and so on, stored in these storage containers from the Dollar Tree.

In this drawer I stored my skincare products that I reach for every now and then in a storage bin I purchased from H-E-B {similar linked here}. 

Here I stored most of my haircare products in a storage bin I purchased from H-E-B {similar linked here}.

This drawer holds more of my daily essentials like my daily skincare, toothpaste, deodorant, and so on in these storage containers from the Dollar Tree.


I hope you enjoyed reading about my thought process when it comes to organizing, seeing what's inside my bathroom drawers, cabinets, and storage containers, and of course enjoyed watching my YouTube video.

Let me know in the comment section of this blog post if you enjoy organization too! :)

Thank you for taking some time to visit my blog post, I appreciate you more than you'll ever know! Until next time friends, take care.

xo, Your Girl Jess

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