Sustainable Products That Make Grocery Shopping Easier

I'm always open to finding new ways to be more eco-friendly and sustainable so when I was introduced to these sustainable products from Lotus, I was very excited! 

After trying them out and enjoying them I decided to create this blog post to share their must-have products that in my opinion, made grocery shopping so much easier.

Keep reading to get all the details and watch these bags in action!

Reusable Produce Bags - This set of mesh reusable produce bags are machine washable, multi-purpose, have a drawstring closure, and are available in three sizes (large 12x17 inches, medium 12x14 inches, and small 12x8 inches). Each bag can carry up to 25 lbs. making them very story and durable.

Reusable Trolley Bags - This set of grocery bags are also machine washable, heavy-duty, and all have velcro closures. The poles on each bag are removable giving you the option to use them as trolley bags or normal shoulder bags. One of the bags in this set is insulated to keep refrigerated and frozen items cool. The other three bags have interior pockets while the purple one has designated egg and wine pockets. What I appreciate about these bags is that they all velcro together when storing them so it's nice, tidy, and they're all in one place.


Here are the trolley bags inside my shopping cart. As I shopped I loaded my groceries into their designated bags. Once I got to the register, I unloaded my groceries onto the conveyer belt and then passed my cart with trolley bags to the bagger and used zero plastic shopping bags. 

No need to reach for the plastic bags in the produce department when you have these reusable produce bags! I didn't come across any issues with these when checking out either, the cashier was easily able to distinguish what was inside thanks to the mesh material of the bags.

Loading my groceries into the trunk of my car was a piece of cake! Each bag holds so much and the four bags didn't take up my entire trunk I still had plenty of room in there. Once I got home taking the groceries out of the car and into the house was just as easy. No more having to struggle with 6 plastic grocery bags on each arm, haha! The long shoulder straps on the bags make carrying the groceries more comfortable.

Watch the video below to see me use these bags in action at the grocery store.

If want an eco-friendly alternative to shopping bags I highly recommend you give these Lotus products a try!

xo, Your Girl Jess

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