Reviewing the Viral L'Oreal Telescopic Lift Mascara on Short Lashes

I've been influenced! All of the mascara gate conversations on TikTok intrigued me enough to go out and purchase the L'Oreal Telescopic Lift Waterproof Mascara and let me tell you trying to get my hands on this product was not easy. I had to go to three locations to find this because it sold out at the first two locations.

I was specifically looking for this mascara in the waterproof formula because I have stubborn lashes that are very short and do not hold a curl. Typically waterproof mascaras tend to help keep the curl so I wanted to put this product to the test and see if it worked for my type of lashes!

Before applying the mascara, I made sure to give my lashes a good curl, with my elf Pro Eyelash Curler, starting at the root. I then applied the mascara as instructed to one eye. The instructions stated to use the front hook bristles to apply from root to tip then use the side hook comb to separate lashes.

After two coats of applying the mascara as instructed, I was not impressed. The lashes started to fall within minutes of application and I believe that it was due to how much product was distributed onto the lashes. The weight of excess mascara was simply too much for my tiny lashes to stay curled.

On my second eye, I used a different technique and that was to only use the side hook comb to apply the mascara and I found this worked much better. By using the side bristles I had a lot more control over how much product was distributed onto my lashes, it also separated and lengthened the lashes where the front bristles did not.

As I was building up the mascara I noticed that the more I layered it the clumpier it made my lashes which I did not like.

In conclusion, do I think this mascara is worth the hype? No, I do not.

I've worn better mascaras than this one, in fact, if I compare it to my current go-to mascara, it is much better than this L'Oreal one. Sadly my current mascara is discontinued and I have yet to find a comparable replacement for it!

This is why I was so excited to try this mascara and see if it was as good as everyone said, but unfortunately, it did not work well for my type of lashes.

My quest to find a good waterproof mascara continues!

xo, Your Girl Jess

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