Thoughtful + Affordable DIY Valentine's Day Table Setup

I'm fully aware that Valentine's Day was so yesterday, but I want to share what I did for Valentine's Day this year to perhaps give you some inspiration or an idea for next year. Although, this table setup concept could be used for any other special occasion like anniversaries, birthdays, and so on.

So this year my husband and I decided to ditch the dinner reservations and have a special night-in at home. We agreed to order carry-out from one of our favorite food spots and dine in. What my husband didn't know was that I'd have a cute table set up waiting for him when he got home (spoiler alert: he loved it!).

All of the items I used to decorate the table were under $2 from Dollar Tree (apart from the wine glasses, which were from Goodwill). In total, I spent under $20 for the table setup making this DIY very budget-friendly and most importantly, very thoughtful!


I genuinely enjoy decorating so for me putting together this Valentine's Day surprise was so much fun and my husband's reaction was so pure and wholesome that it brought me so much joy. 

Another major perk of this DIY was not having to cook a single thing or wash dishes afterward which meant more quality time with my spouse.

I highly recommend giving this DIY a try as it won't break the bank, it's a thoughtful gesture, and it's more special and intimate than having dinner in a crowded restaurant.

xo, Your Girl Jess

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