Spring Florals


Happy Monday! I hope each and every one of you had a great weekend. Saturday morning I went out and tried on bridesmaid dresses for my friends wedding that's coming up this fall, then on Sunday evening my husband and I went to a family get together and I wore this outfit which I thought was perfect for spring and the warm weather.

Some time last year while shopping around at Ross I found this lilac floral print skater dress, it's super cute, comfortable and just so happened to be right on trend. As I mentioned in my previous post, lilac and floral prints are a big trend this spring!

For accessories I chose a pair of blush pink velvet wrap-around sandals from Reaction by Kenneth Cole which matched perfectly with the floral accents on the dress. I also accessorized the outfit with an ivory mini backpack from Forever21 which I forgot to photograph but I've shared the backpack in this post.

I've linked and listed similar items to those seen on me to make it easy for you to shop the look! :)

Have a great week, until next time friends take care!

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