ABH Soft Glam Palette Review

Earlier last week, on Tuesday to be exact, I treated myself and ordered a couple of items from Anastasia Beverly Hills. One of those items being the Soft Glam eyeshadow palette and the second item being the highly talked about Amrezy highlighter.

I was so excited to see that on Friday morning my order was delivered! I was actually quite surprised by how quickly I received my products, what I wasn't so excited about was the fact that I was stuck at work for the following seven hours after I received my delivery notification. That meant I was going to have to put on my patient pants and wait before I could actually have the chance to open, swatch and test out my new goodies.

If you're a makeup lover like myself, I'm sure you can relate to my urge and excitement of wanting to play with new makeup!

Now let's get into this beautiful eyeshadow palette. The Soft Glam palette retails for $42 and it's currently available on the Anastasia Beverly Hills website but will be available for purchase in stores such as Sephora and Ulta on March 10th.

It includes fourteen eyeshadows and a dual ended brush. Out of the fourteen eyeshadows nine are mattes and the remaining five are a mix of iridescent, shimmer, metallic shades. All of the shades in this palette are absolutely stunning and the formulation of these eyeshadows are similar if not equal to the Modern Renaissance palette. The shadows are fully pigmented, smooth and buttery, easy to blend and long lasting.

On the ABH website it lists each shade along with their descriptions. I went ahead and shared this information so you can have a clear understanding of each shade.

Tempera • Ultra-matte velvety beige
Glistening • Iridescent gold with a hint of pink reflect
Orange Soda • Ultra-matte pastel peach
Rose Pink • Rose gold with a soft pink iridescent hue
Sultry • A hybrid satin metallic finish warm chocolate brown
Bronze • Metallic gold bronze
Mulberry • Ultra-matte mulberry
Dusty Rose • Ultra-matte dusty lilac
Fairy • Multi-dimensional light gold
Burnt Orange • Ultra-matte deep orange
Sienna • Ultra-matte earthy brown
Rustic • Ultra-matte deep cinnamon brown
Cyprus Umber • Ultra-matte dark coffee
Noir • Ultra-matte deep carbon black

I personally think this palette is a great essential and staple for the everyday makeup wearer. Every shade in this palette is very wearable, suitable for every single skin tone and the range of shades allows you to create multiple looks for day or nighttime. Let me also mention that it's a great palette for travel, the size is nice and compact, it comes with a good sized mirror and dual ended brush.

The Soft Glam palette is the perfect palette for me because it has every shade I could possibly need to create an everyday simple look to an extra glam night-out look. With this palette I don't need to pull eyeshadows from other palettes that I own because this literally has everything I need. It contains multiple transition shades, lid shades, highlighting shades and my absolute favorite part about this palette is that it comes with a matte bone shade and a matte black.

It's a fantastic overall warm-toned neutral palette that I know I'm going to use a lot because the tones and shades in this palette are right up my alley and what I naturally gravitate toward and as I mentioned it's perfect for everyday wear. From what I know this palette will be a permanent product which makes me very happy because I'll be able to repurchase when needed.

When it comes to the packaging of the palette, again it's very similar to the Modern Renaissance. It closes magnetically and I really like that it's very aesthetically pleasing with the soft yellow velvet material however I question how long it's going to stay that pretty. Overtime it's inevitably going to get very dirty since the velvet material isn't something that can easily be wiped clean. Being the OCD clean freak that I am I know it's going to bug me when it does get really dirty but there's not much I can do, other than just be careful with it. Just know that even if it's the filthiest palette I own I'm still going to use the crap out of it! :)

In conclusion. Do I like this palette? Yes. Do I recommend this palette? Yes.

If you own similar shades to the ones within this palette maybe it's not necessary for you to buy it. However if you're like me and these shades are tones you use every time you do your makeup but don't have them all within one, compact, go-to palette and would like to have them all within one palette then purchasing this is a good idea. Also, if you're just starting out in makeup and are looking for a good starter palette this is a great option.

I'm 100% satisfied with my purchase and I'm more than certain this will be my new go-to palette. I will of course be creating multiple looks with this awesome product so stay tuned for those! Another thing to look forward to is my next blog post where I will share a complete review of the Amrezy highlighter so make sure you check back if you're interested in reading about that.

Until next time friends, take care!

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