Puppy Love

Happy Monday! I hope each and every one of you had a great weekend. :) On Saturday night my husband and I went out with our friends to celebrate a birthday and then I went to Rodeo Houston on Sunday with my mom and sisters for a girls night out - it was so much fun! Check out my Instagram story for a peek into my weekend. Go see it before it expires! My handle is @JESSICAMELGOZA_ click on my handle to automatically get directed to my Insta!

Onto this precious pup! Her name is Jules, she's my sisters puppy and the latest addition to the family! ♥ I love dogs they fill my heart with joy! My first pet was a puppy whom I loved very much so dogs hold a special place in my heart.

Jules is a two month old Husky with a very playful personality. She's doing very well considering she's only been with my family for about two weeks or so. My uncle's Husky gave birth to a litter of puppies and so my sister asked my parents if she could have one and they accepted; I'm so glad they did.

I can't wait until I go back home to visit my family so that I can see them and Jules again. Some day in the future when I own a home with a nice yard I too will be a dog mom to a dog in need.

That's the end of today's blog post! I just really wanted to share these cute puppy pics and hopefully bring a smile to your face. :)

Until next time friends, take care!


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