ABH x Amrezy Highlight Review

Let me start by saying that I now understand what all the hype is about when it comes to the Anastasia Beverly Hills x Amrezy highlight. It is the most unbelievably blinding, beautiful and unique highlighter I've ever seen, touched and owned.

In my previous post I reviewed the Soft Glam palette by ABH and I promised you guys a review on the Amrezy highlight so let's get started!

The Amrezy highlight retails for $28 and it's currently available on the Anastasia Beverly Hills website and it will be available for purchase in stores such as Sephora and Ulta on March 10th as well as online - hooray! Bad news, it is limited edition so if you want it get it before it's gone!

 Upon swatching the product you can immediately feel how ultra smooth and creamy the texture and formula is. However when you swipe your brush across the product there is absolutely no powder kick-up, the product actually remains to look untouched which I find to be extremely unique and unlike anything I've ever seen.

The pigment is perfect, with a light hand you can get a natural radiant effect and if you want that out of this world beaming highlight it can easily be built up. No matter your preference you'll be left with a beautiful glow that feels like second-skin and is incredibly smooth. It's like radiant magic!

On the ABH website this highlighter is described as light brilliant gold. Truly a universal shade that would look great on every skin tone!

The packaging of the product is sleek and glamorous with black and rose gold accents throughout. I love that it comes with a mirror and that you can push a button to open the highlighter; no need to break or chip a nail trying to open it. *Inserts raising hands emoji*

 I'd highly recommend the Amrezy highlighter it's one of a kind and absolutely stunning. As Amrezy herself said it's a "sun in a compact". I know I'm going to be using this a ton but of course with caution, can't let it hit pan because it's limited edition and I want to keep it forever haha.

If you are interested in getting this highlighter don't hesitate to do so, you will not regret purchasing this I can guarantee it. Until next time friends, take care!

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