Resolutions + Goals for 2018

With every New Year we set new resolutions and goals for ourselves. For 2018 I've set some resolutions and goals for myself that I want to really work hard on and accomplish this year.

Before we get into my resolutions and goals for the year let me clarify what the difference is between resolutions and goals. Resolution (noun) a firm decision to do or not to do something. I like to think of resolutions as lifestyle changes. Goal (noun) the object of a person's ambition or effort; an aim or desired result. I think of goals as single things/objectives that you achieve. 

Now that we know the difference between the two here are some tips on how to achieve your goals and resolutions:

1. Write them down. I like to write everything down, it makes me remember things better and not only that but if you write down your goals and resolutions on a sticky note [for example] and place it somewhere you'll see it everyday it'll be a daily reminder to work towards your goal/resolution.

2. Say them out loud. Tell the universe what you want to accomplish in 2018. Believe it, visualize it, feel it...after all feeling is believing; believe you can and you will!! :)

3. Keep them in mind. Constantly reminding yourself of what you want to achieve in the new year will keep you focused and will ultimately result in you reaching your objective.

4. Set realistic goals and resolutions. Not setting the bar too high is crucial, the last thing you want is to be disappointed and/or discouraged. Set achievable, perhaps even small goals to start, the positive feelings you'll get from accomplishing your small goal will keep you motivated to reach your next goal. Remember, start with baby steps.

5. Be organized. Being organized allows you to stay on track and keeps your focus on what's important. A cluttered life is a cluttered mind and a cluttered mind won't allow you to focus on your goals and resolutions. Focus, focus, focus!

I'm now going to share with you my resolutions and goals for 2018...

• Be positive. This has to be the biggest thing that I want to truly work hard on this year. I'm going to take on the challenge of re-wiring my brain to think positively, be more optimistic, make positive actions and in tern increase my overall happiness and well-being.

• Build a healthy mind and body. For 2018 my main focus is to better myself both mentally and physically. The mental health aspect of this ties in with being positive and in the physical aspect I want to nourish my body with the things it needs versus fueling it with harmful wants that are ultimately doing more bad than good.

• Be adventurous and travel more. I can confidently say that I'm a homebody and this year I want to do more of the things that bring me out of my comfort zone. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone, it allows you to grow and learn. That's really what life is all about therefore I want to start living my life to the fullest; time to flourish!

• Practice meditation. I've tried mediation in the past but didn't stick to it but I'm not giving up, this time around I want to commit! There are so many positive health benefits that come from meditation both for your body and mind. Bring on the good vibrations!

• Create more content. This year I want to share with you all as much as I possibly can here on my blog, Instagram, as well as on my YouTube channel. If you guys aren't subscribed to my channel, what are you doing? Subscribe! :)

As I mentioned in my previous post I wish all of you the best in 2018, I hope you all reach every goal, every resolution that you set for yourself! I truly hope you liked my tips and found them helpful. Let's make the best and most of this year!! Until next time friends, take care! ❤

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