New Additions To My Home Office

Am I the only one who thinks that decorating a space is a never-ending process? 

In my case, I feel as though no matter how 'done' I think I am when decorating a room in my home, I somehow tend to find things that catch my attention every now and again when I'm out shopping in-store or browsing online.

Well, this happened earlier this month when shopping in-store at my local TJ Maxx I found a lovely plant pot with a stand. The pot pant is a beautiful pale pink color and the wooden stand is a nice mahogany tone. The minute I saw it I knew the perfect spot for it!  

After bringing it home I went back and forth on whether to put a real plant or faux plant in the pot and ultimately decided to go with a real plant because they're more affordable, they provide several benefits, and I have a green thumb so I know I can care for it. The plant I purchased is a Foxtail Fern. 

Then last week when browsing on I found a beautiful arched floor-length mirror that was on sale! I'd been wanting a full-length mirror for my office for quite a while, and this one popped up at the right time. Outfit selfies are going to be a regular occurrence now that I have this mirror in my workspace!

And just a few days ago, I found these faux plants and candles in the clearance aisle of my local grocery store and they matched the decor aesthetic that I have in my office perfectly. It's as if I were meant to take them home with me, haha!


Those are the recent additions to my home office. I hope you enjoyed this blog post!

xo, Your Girl Jess

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