Trying New Flower Beauty Products

As promised, here is the blog post where I try out the products from Monday's Flower Beauty unboxing blog post! I've included the YouTube video for you guys to watch down below so be sure to watch that to see me try on each product and to get my first impressions.

I of course wanted to include my written thoughts and first impressions here on the blog so continue reading to know what I think of these new Flower Beauty products.

My first impression of this Stellar Prismatic Highlighter upon getting a good look at it was that it's absolutely beautiful and when swatched it was nicely pigmented and had a smooth texture. The moment I dipped my brush into the highlighter I saw loose glitter particles, or crushed crystal flakes as described on the site, go all over my hands, desk, and face when applied on the cheek which I wasn't the biggest fan of. Apart from the loose glitter, the actual powder highlight itself wore beautifully on the skin, it looked smooth and there were no signs of texture. The shade Soltice was also stunning.

All in all, I don't see myself picking this up for my everyday makeup simply because of the loose glitter that gets everywhere. However, I do see myself wearing this on festive occasions where the glitter is needed.

I definitely recommend watching the video to see the highlighter application and the application of the rest of the products in action. 

When I first saw this I actually thought this was an eyeshadow palette then quickly realized it was an under-eye concealer palette. I've got to say, I was mostly impressed by this Red Carpet Secret Eye Bright Palette, and here's why. First off, the pigmentation of the concealer shades was excellent, so I only needed a small amount to conceal the under-eye area and a result of the minimal product applied was minimal under-eye creasing. The cooling wand felt so nice when using it to apply the primer which did make my under-eye area feel smooth. Now, the only thing I didn't like about this palette was the pearl-infused, slightly luminous sheen finish of the setting powder. When applied under the eyes it did reflect some light, but nothing major, my personal preference is simply a matte setting powder so it just wasn't for me.

Do I see myself reaching for this when applying my everyday makeup? Honestly, yes. I have worn it since filming and I plan to continue to use it because I genuinely liked the concealers, primer, and cooling wand.

I was the most excited to try this Jet Set Invisible Powder Spray because I'd never seen anything like it. Let me start by saying that I'm a fan of this product and will be carrying this around in my purse to control my oily skin throughout the day. When I first applied this I had no issues whatsoever, everything looked great, my skin was matte, the product worked and worked well. I continued to spray this on throughout the day when needed, which was twice, and by the end of the night when I looked in the mirror I noticed something looked off, and I realized that it was my brows and lashes. They were so powdery from re-applying the setting spray and understandably so. I mean it is a powder spray so it's going to spray everywhere. So what I learned from this was that it's best to cover the eyes and brows when initially applying and when re-applying this powder. Make a note of this so you don't have to go through it too!

Apart from that very minor issue that was all my fault and had nothing to do with the product itself, I love this spray! I think it's fantastic and a much more convenient alternative for makeup portability. I would much rather have this in my bag than a setting powder compact and makeup brush or sponge.

My first impression of the packaging of these Perfect Pout Soft Matte Lip Colors was how luxe they felt and how cute they looked because they're in glass packaging and they're small. I can't be the only one who thinks small packages are automatically cute! Anyway, all of the shades I tried were highly pigmented and so comfortable to wear. They each had long-staying power and hardly transferred. I wore a few shades on different days for long periods of time where I drank, ate, kissed my hubby, and they didn't fade much at all. I really like the tear-shaped applicator because it made it easy to shape the lips and fill them in. When applied they dried down quickly and felt lightweight. I have no bad things to say about these!

I definitely see myself reaching for these. The shade Dune will easily become a color I wear on the regular and the shade Icon is going to be perfect for upcoming holiday parties.


Overall, I'd say most of these products were a hit! I will be reaching for some on a regular basis when doing my everyday makeup. As for the others, I'll reach for them on special occasions when they're needed.

Again, if you haven't watched the video above I highly encourage you to do so that way you can see the product application and swatches in action and to get a good visual of each product featured in this blog post.

Thank you for taking some time to visit my blog and to watch my video. I appreciate you more than you'll ever know and I hope you have a great rest of your day.

Until time friends, take care!

xo, Your Girl Jess

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