Top 5 Beauty Products of the Month

September is coming to an end so I thought I'd be a fun idea to round up my top five, most used beauty products from this month! From here on out I'm going to make a monthly beauty post, like this, where I share with you my favorite products from each month. Let me know if you like this idea in the comments section below!

Let me start off by saying that I genuinely love all the products mentioned in todays blog post and use [almost] all of them on a daily basis [expect for the makeup; I don't wear makeup every day]. With that being said let's dive into my top picks for the month of September!

No. 1 - Derma E Very Clear Acne Cleanser

About two months ago I was browsing through the natural skincare section at my local grocery store and discovered my new favorite facial cleanser. I've been using this cleanser on a daily basis for about two months and I'm now on my second bottle; goes to show how much I really like this stuff! What I like about this product is that it helps my problematic skin, it's made with quality natural ingredients, it's cruelty-free, GMO free and vegan. I have truly seen a difference in my skin with regular use of this cleanser, it decreases inflammation, reduces the appearance of my acne within a few days and it also does a great job at removing what is left of my makeup. I plan on continuing to use this face cleanser until my skin is cleared; so far so good! // Shop the product!

No. 2 - Morphe M530 Contour Blender Brush

One weekend my best friend and I took a trip to Ulta and we checked out the Morphe section to see what products they had in stock. My best friend was looking for brushes to purchase and I was just there for moral support. But of course, what happens when you go to a store with no intentions to purchase anything? You want to purchase everything! I stayed strong and walked out with nothing, only to return a few days later because I couldn't get my mind off this one brush. This Morphe M530 is my perfect contouring and bronzing brush, it's the perfect size with the perfect amount of density to give your skin the most flawless and blended contour/bronzer; I sometimes use it for blush too. This brush works beautifully and it's super affordable. Gotta love it! // Shop the product!

No. 3 - Milk Makeup Blur + Set Loose Setting Powder

Ever since I received this setting powder, I've put all of my other setting powders to the side. This product really does give your skin a blurred effect and gives the appearance of a soft and smooth base. Who doesn't love a soft, smooth, blurred base? I know I do! The texture is very silky and finely milled. It also keeps my makeup set in place all day long and it looks beautiful on the skin as well. // Read my full product review // Shop the product!

No. 4 - Makeup Revolution Conceal + Define Concealer

I first heard about this concealer from every big beauty influencer on social media a few months ago. It was all the buzz and often compared to the Tarte Shape Tape concealer as well. I've personally never tried the Tarte Shape Tape so I can't compare but I will say that this product works very well and it's only $7! It offers great coverage, the applicator is my favorite part as it's very large and covers a lot of area, it blends out without a problem and it sets to a soft matte comfortable finish. I'm thinking of going back to Ulta to pick up a different shade as this one is a bit too light on me at the moment. // Shop the product!

No. 5 - LancĂ´me Hydra Zen Anti-Stress Gel Moisturizer

I'm almost completely out of this moisturizer and I'm quite sad about it. At first I didn't really like this product because of it's fragrance but now I'm okay with it. Aside from the scent, I really like that it leaves my skin soft to the touch once it's fully absorbed onto my skin and it works very well underneath my makeup; I've never had a problem with that. It also does a great job at keeping my skin nice and hydrated without feeling heavy. // Read my full product review // Shop the product!

Those were my top five beauty products for the month of September. Thank you for reading todays blog post and I hope you enjoyed learning about my current beauty favorites. Until next time friends, take care!

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