What I Received in PR This Week

One really cool perk about being a content creator is receiving complimentary products, or PR, from companies. Before I started creating content myself I loved watching PR hauls from other creators and influencers because I found it so fun and entertaining. 

And now I'm so grateful that I get to create similar content myself so today I'm sharing what I received in PR this week as a micro content creator.

@xoyourgirljess PR from this week #prhaul #prhaulunboxing #prhaulprunboxing #prhaulopening #haultime #haultiktok #unboxinghaul #unboxingpr #haultoks ♬ BIG MAD - Ktlyn

The items and brands featured in this PR haul are listed and linked below.

BootayBag Underwear {@bootaybag} This brand is a monthly subscription-based company that provides affordable undergarments. Their service is flexible, convenient, and caters to your wants and needs. // Website is linked here

Lunar Silk Pillowcase {@mylunarsilks} Lunar Silks makes pure mulberry silk pillowcases that are so luxe and great for your hair and skin. // Pillowcase is linked here

SOJOS Sunglasses {@sojosofficial} SOJOS is an eyewear company that has both fashion sunglasses and reading glasses all at affordable prices. // Sunglasses seen on me are linked here + here

Ana Luisa {@analuisany} This brand is an eco-friendly fine jewelry company that creates high-quality pieces and designs for everyone. // Earrings are linked here + here

MOTF {@motf_official} MOTF is a sister brand of SHEIN, however, MOTF is more chic and sophisticated. Their pieces are made with higher quality, elevated designs, and are great for the workplace. // Apparel + accessories linked here

I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you for being here!

xo, Your Girl Jess

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