Upgrading My Home Office Desk Setup

The time has finally come for my home office to get a major upgrade and I'm so excited to be sharing all of the new additions to my desk setup!

In my previous setup, I was using my 13" Macbook Air laptop, and although there is nothing wrong with my laptop, I needed to upgrade my screen to a bigger one to allow me to work more efficiently when having several windows open at a time and to help alleviate my tech neck.

This HP 27" Monitor is what I purchased to upgrade my screen size and boy is it a big difference from what I was using. I bought this monitor from Target and it was on sale for $199.99 (originally priced at $269.99). The monitor is currently still on sale at the time of publishing this blog post (monitor linked here). I love that it has a frameless and ultra-thin screen, the overall design of the monitor is so sleek, the height of the monitor is great, and the display quality is really nice as well.

To display or mirror the screen from my laptop to my monitor I purchased and used this adapter cable from Amazon and it got the job done!

In order to be able to use my monitor, I needed to purchase a separate keyboard and mouse. I decided to go for wireless devices as opposed to wired ones to lessen the number of cables on my desk. This Bluetooth keyboard I'd actually already had for about a year and I love it because it's ultra-sleek, lightweight, it's still going strong (keyboard linked here)

The mouse I purchased I found at Five Below for $5.25 which is really affordable, I've only had it for two days at this point and so far so good (mouse linked here). Now it's certainly not the best wireless mouse I've ever used but it will do for now.

Both the keyboard and mouse are battery operated which can be a con for some. A solution I thought of for this minor inconvenience is using rechargeable batteries in place of normal batteries to lessen the need to repurchase them. The rechargeable batteries I bought are Duracell AAA batteries (batteries linked here). My husband uses the same brand of rechargeable batteries and battery charger for his gaming gadgets so I knew this would help.

I pondered on the idea of buying a simple mouse pad but then once I started thinking about how I wanted the setup to look in the end I opted to go for a desk pad instead. Not only does the desk pad serve as a mouse pad but it also helps to fill some of the space on my desk and in my case, it also brought in some color! This desk pad was the perfect fit for my workspace (I bought the 23.6"x11.8" sized desk pad) and it was also the smallest one I could find (desk pad linked here). Some of the things that I like about the desk pad are the size, the beautiful blush tone pink color, the faux leather texture, and that it's waterproof for easy cleaning. // Tip: Use double-sided tape on the back of each corner to help keep the desk pad flat and in place.

The last thing I wanted to update was the case on my mid-2012 laptop because the navy blue case that was previously on there wasn't my favorite and it also didn't fit the pink theme I had going on. With a quick search on Amazon, I came across this case and it included a colored keyboard cover which I thought was super cute so I bought it (case linked here). The pink shade of the case is so pretty, the exterior texture of the case is soft, and the keyboard cover stays in place.

I'm in love with the outcome of the new setup! I've been working here for two days at this point and both productivity and efficiency levels have drastically increased. Not only that but I've also noticed a major difference in my posture while working. Before when I was working on my laptop my neck would be curved downward (tech neck) which would cause lots of discomfort in my neck and shoulders after a full day at my desk. Now my neck is in a more neutral position while working because of how much larger and taller the monitor screen is. With that said, I'm pretty happy about this change!


All of the items that I purchased are linked above. Simply click on a product to check it out!

xo, Your Girl Jess

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