12HR Wear Test + Review: Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray

Today I'm sharing my experience using the viral Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray on oily skin. 

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Ever since I saw this product go viral on TikTok many months ago I've had it sitting in my shopping cart and when I finally found myself in a Sephora I decided to purchase the travel size setting spray for $20. Seeing how people raved about this on social media with claims of it being transfer-proof and the best setting spray ever, I had high expectations.

A couple of days later I put this setting spray to the test and let me start off by saying that I should have read the directions before assuming that this only needed to be worn after makeup (I'm sure it can be, however, the instructions say to apply before and after makeup). That was mistake number one on my part, because I'd already gone in with my normal products (as shown in the video above) and applied the setting spray at the very end. This is why I did two wear tests on two separate days.

Here are my observations and takeaways from both wear tests.

DAY ONE - I applied the setting spray at around 12:55pm after completing my makeup. The setting spray sprayed evenly onto my skin and dried very well leaving no trace behind.

At 4:11pm after running around and doing my to-do's I did a second check-in and despite being sweaty from being outside, the oil around my T-zone was pretty much under control and the makeup placement hadn't moved. The only issue I did notice was some cracking around my nose which I faulted the elf Camo CC cream I'd worn that day for because it does tend to do that even before ever testing the setting spray.  

By 8:42pm the pigment of the makeup was still there, nothing seemed to have faded, including my blush which normally would be barely there by the end of the day. I even noticed a major decrease in the amount of oil around my T-zone. The creasing around my nose did get worse, as expected, which is why I decided to try a different foundation the next day.

DAY TWO - On this day I switched foundations to the Hi-Function Foundation which is one that has a matte finish and is targeted at those with oily skin. I also applied the setting spray two different times throughout the makeup application process, once after applying my liquid/cream products and then once after my powder products.

I completed the makeup application at around 8:00am and wore it for over 12 hours. At around 8:30pm, I did a second check-in and my makeup hadn't cracked, faded, or separated in any way. In fact, I was shocked that my skin was just starting to get oily around my T-zone with zero touch-ups.

My overall thoughts are that this setting spray does in fact work and that the claims stated on the box are true. As someone with very oily skin, I approve of this and see myself wearing this throughout the hot summer season, and I do recommend it to those with a similar skin type. 

I hope you found this blog post helpful!

xo, Your Girl Jess

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