Repurposing Denim Jeans into Shorts

I was recently cleaning out my denim and came across a beloved pair of jeans that have been worn to the ground (they had a mysterious hole near the bottom of the leg) and because I love how they fit, feel, and look (hence why I wore them so much) I couldn't get myself to let them go so I decided to turn them into a pair of shorts. 

Doing this is incredibly simple and I show you exactly how in this TikTok video:

@xoyourgirljess let this be your sign to repurpose your jeans into shorts if you think you’d get more wear out of them! ✂️👖 #fashiontik #repurposedfashion #diyfashion #upcycledfashion #BigComfy #EasyWithAdobeExpress ♬ original sound - JESS

For this quick and easy DIY, I took a pair of my most worn denim shorts and used their length as a reference for where to cut my beloved jeans.

I took the denim shorts and placed them on top of the jeans making sure they were both folded in the exact same way and that both lined up at the top of the waistband. See the video for a visual.

With a pair of fabric scissors, I cut straight across into the jeans leaving about one inch of fabric below the shorts hemline that I'm using as a guide.

Now because I'm not a professional at cutting fabric, my final results had some imperfections in the hemline (not super clean straight lines), however, I personally did not mind, in fact, I liked it.

Having worn my DIY shorts several times now and thrown them in the wash once or twice, I can say that the raw hem does fray which I love! If any of the frayings get too long I just trim them and they're good as new.

Doing this DIY is a great way to repurpose unworn jeans into an article of clothing that will get worn again so I definitely recommend giving this a try if you feel you'd get more use out of your unworn denim. 

Not only is upcycling your clothes good for the environment but it's also good for your wallet as you can save by skipping out on purchasing a new pair of shorts.

I hope you found this blog post helpful. Until next time friends, take care!

xo, Your Girl Jess

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