Amazon Home Find That Makes Cleaning Easier

This past Sunday, as I was doing my weekly cleaning, I found myself struggling to keep all of my cleaning supplies together as I moved from room to room. Before I knew it my cleaning products were all over the place spread throughout different rooms and frankly it lead me to feel frustrated.

I started thinking of solutions to resolve this issue and thought of the idea to use some sort of rolling storage cart with wheels for easy portability. This is when I started browsing on Amazon and came across this 4 Tier Rolling Storage Cart with Wheels that was under $40, so I ordered it.

Now all of my cleaning products are conveniently in one roller cart that I can push around from room to room making cleaning so much easier! 

This storage cart features a slim design that fits perfectly in the little nook of my storage closet and it actually holds a lot of products. It came with four removable hooks and a canvas bag for additional storage. The wheels on the cart rotate 360 degrees, are removable, and two of the four wheels are lockable to keep the cart in place. The cart's frame is made of metal and the shelves are made of 'premium AB material' which looks like hard plastic and is claimed to be wear-resistant, waterproof, and easy to clean.

See what all I can store in this roller cart over on my TikTok post below.

I hope you found today's blog post helpful!

xo, Your Girl Jess

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