Where to Shop Affordable Sunglasses


As a blogger and influencer I come across lots of different brands some of which are amazing and some of which are not so good. Lucky for you, today I'm going to be sharing my new favorite eyewear brand, V by Vye, and give you my reasons for why I'm obsessed with them!

I quickly want to mention that this is not a sponsored ad, this post is simply me sharing where to shop for good, trendy and affordable eyewear.

I first discovered this brand when Trendship sent me a campaign application to work with the brand. Prior to collaborating with V by Vye, I hadn't heard of them and boy was I missing out! Let me get into why I like this brand so much.

For starters they are very affordable. Who doesn't love affordable fashion? I do.

We all know sunglasses can get pretty expensive and we've all had our run-in with budget-friendly sunglasses that turn out to be cheaply made and break within a week. Thankfully V by Vye has you covered!

They offer lots of different styles on their site, from what's currently trendy to timeless classics, all for under $25! That's right - UNDER $25!! And let me say that their eyewear does not feel cheap whatsoever, their eyewear feels and looks very sturdy and high quality. That's reasons number two and three for why I like them: variety and quality.

I am so glad to have been introduced to this company because I can honestly say that they are my go-to retailer for eyewear and the best part is that they offer sunglasses for women, men and kids so the entire family can enjoy!

Browse the V by Vye website [here] and look through their site to check out some of their inventory.

Hope you found this blog post somewhat helpful. Until next time friends, take care!

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