How To Save Time + Money When Doing Laundry

One of my least favorite house chores is laundry. Why? Because it take so long that I sometimes forget I'm even doing it and my clothes will stay in the washer/dryer for days! *yikes*

That was until I was introduced to Dropps laundry detergent pods. These tiny little pods can clean up to one load of laundry which helps me out a ton because I never know if I'm using too little or too much laundry detergent when I'm washing my clothes.

Not only do they offer detergent pods, they also offer fabric softeners, oxi boosters, scent boosters, stain + odor removers, dishwasher pods and more. My favorite product of theirs are the large dryer balls [seen in the photos above], these large balls are an all natural, reusable alternative to dryer sheets that reduce static and wrinkles. Best of all is that they decrease drying time up to 50% which conserves energy and lowers your utility bill! *hooray for saving money*

Apart from producing great quality products, Dropps is also helping to make a change in the world by doing their part in trying to keep the planet clean. All of their packaging is plastic-free and made from 100% recyclable and compostable cardboard boxes. Dropps is the leader in environmentally-friendly laundry detergents, they're EPA Safer Choice Approved and their formulas contain plant-based ingredients. Another very important thing to me is that they do not test on animals and are cruelty-free.

I strongly stand behind their mission as a brand and enjoy their products. I'm all about protecting the environment and doing my part to help save the planet. Join the eco-friendly movement and try out Dropps laundry detergent pods for yourself and find out how great they truly are.

Thank you for reading todays blog post and thank you to Dropps for the complimentary care package. Until next time friends, take care!

Sincerely, Jessica

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