Beauty Room Makeover

Over the weekend I came up with the idea to transform my beauty space and so I gave it a complete makeover for just under $140!

Before the makeover my beauty room/office space was looking very random and all over the place with various types of styles and elements happening throughout, no theme going on whatsoever. Being the type of person that holds on to stuff for way too long, the room was also beginning to feel very cluttered as well as uninspiring. I strongly believe that what you surround yourself with affects your mood and thinking and because I spend so much time in here I knew I had to change it up. 

My recent trip to Austin really inspired me when it came to how I wanted to decorate my work space, having been among nature and surrounded by its beauty made me feel nothing but good vibes so I brought the good vibes home. Knowing that I wanted the theme to be based around mother nature and it's elements I started looking for visual inspiration on Pinterest! Once I had an idea of what items to purchase I made my shopping list and headed to the stores.    

When you're "ballin' on a budget" like myself, being a smart shopper and budgeting is key. Who says giving your room a little TLC has to be expensive? With so many affordable shops and online stores anyone can achieve the space of their dreams without having to break the bank. Not to mention how many duplicate and similar items there are out there in the market, what you find in a high end store could be duplicated in another store for a discounted price! 

Ross was my first stop, here I purchased two faux plants that were needed to bring my room back to life. I paid $24.99 for the floor plant and $14.99 for the grass plant. Next up was the place that never fails me, Home Goods, here is where I bought most of the stuff I needed off my list. Since I was shopping for a nature based theme I made sure to choose natural, earthy and neutral elements. I found a wicker waste bin and laundry basket that I knew would tie in perfectly and as I was searching for a bowl to hold keys I found an amethyst gemstone that I couldn't pass up; let the gemstone collection begin! Here's what I paid for each item, $24.99 laundry basket, $11 waste bin, $4.99 bowl and $19.99 for the gemstone. At Five Below I purchased an inspiring art canvas with hills and the word 'explore' centered in gold foiled script as well as a copper storage basket, I paid $4 for the canvas and $5 for the basket. Last stop was Target where I picked up a simple forest green pillow to tie in with the rest of the decor pieces I'd chosen, I paid $15.25 for the pillow, it was on sale. Everything I purchased to transform my room rounded up to be $136!! I also printed free wall art that I found online and framed it in an old picture frame I'd purchased from the Dollar Tree and I also DIY'd a few items using things I previously owned. 

Now that I had all my items it was time to start de-cluttering and reorganizing my belongings. Once my surfaces were minimalized with only the things I needed and used the most I started putting the pieces where I thought they looked best and this is how it all came together. I'm obsessed with the outcome and I hope you are too!

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