New Year, New Bag

First and foremost, happy new year! I hope you're all having a great start to 2023. My new year started off a little rocky, as talked about in this post, but I'm happy to report that things are starting to look up.

But anyway, a few days into the new year I received a package at my door, and in it was this beautiful leather bag from Portland Leather Goods that is now my everyday tote bag, and I want to share a closer look at the bag, details about it, and my honest review with you in this post!

Let's start with the details, shall we!

This bag is the Mini Crossbody Tote from Portland Leather Goods and it's available in 12 different colors and finishes (Pebbled or Smooth) and in two styles (Classic or Zipper).

I chose the bag in the style classic and in the color/finish pebbled black because I liked the textured and overall look of the classic style. The minimalistic design of this bag makes it timeless, easy to style, and wearable for any occasion; day or night.

It's made entirely of 100% genuine leather sourced sustainably here in the U.S. for max durability and the interior is unlined showcasing the natural suede of the hide. Now because the purse is made up of only leather it's ensured to last a lifetime.

The bag features a large exterior pocket for easy accessibility, interior snap closure, and a removable crossbody strap that extends from 38 to 45 inches (crossbody strap extenders are sold separately if a longer strap is needed), giving you the option to wear it as a top handle bag, crossbody, or shoulder bag. 

It retails for $248 USD but is currently on major sale for $99 when you use code CHEERS25 at checkout! Click here to shop Portland Leather Goods



Now for my honest review of this bag.

Let's start with the good. The size is perfect for my daily essentials. I can fit quite a lot in it, in fact, I plan on sharing a what's in my bag style video to showcase what all is in my bag and how much I can fit in it to give you a visual demonstration. As far as the design goes, I love that it's minimalistic because it makes the bag timeless meaning it will never go out of style, it's easy to style with different outfits, and in my opinion, it's wearable for any occasion; day or night. I appreciate the versatility of the adjustable and removable strap because as I mentioned earlier, it gives me the option to wear it as a top handle, crossbody, or shoulder bag. The fact that it's made up entirely of sustainable durable leather to ensure it lasts a lifetime is a huge plus because this year I really want to care for items that have longevity in them and I feel as though this bag is really going to be one of those items that I hold onto and wear for many years to come.

Now onto the not-so-good. The first thing I noticed as soon as I took it out of the packaging was that it had a very strong scent that I felt overpowered the room, my husband on the other hand, disagreed. Keep in mind we both had COVID at the time of receiving this bag and I know the COVID virus can mess with one's sense of smell so I'm not sure if that had something to do with it. But I can say that as of right now, the scent is much fainter. The second thing is that the dye on the leather transfers a little as I noticed some staining on the soft pink silicone case of my AirPods that I carry around inside the purse. However, I was aware of the possibility of this happening because of the info card included in the packaging of the bag. With that said, the color transfer is sure to stop once the bag is fully worn in.

Those are my final thoughts on the Mini Crossbody Tote from Portland Leather Goods. I'd love to know, have you tried any products from this brand? Let me know in the comments of this blog post or on any of my socials.

Until next time friends, take care!

xo, Your Girl Jess

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