Comfy + Casual Movie Date Outfit

On Saturday I went to go see Avatar: The Way of Water and I shared the getting-ready process on my socials so today I'm sharing the links to the comfy and casual outfit I wore as well as a very brief review of the movie, with no spoilers, obvi.


Oversized Sweatshirt // Longsleeve Mock Neck Top // Leggings // Socks // Sneakers // Claw Clip // Gold Hoops


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As I was getting ready to go to the theatre, I was a little anxious about the length of the movie, considering it was a little over 3 hours long. But I'm so thankful that we went to Star Cinema Grill where you can order food and drinks at any moment during the movie because it made the experience so much better and eased my anxiety a lot. Also, their seats can recline for max comfort and you get a blanket to keep you warm. 

When the movie started I was expecting to lose interest at some point over the course of the three hours because that happened when I watched the first Avatar. But to my surprise, I was captivated from the moment it started to the moment it ended. The visuals were so good, the 3D experience didn't feel uncomfortable, and the storyline held my attention. I did cry once or twice which is a sign of a good movie for me lol and not once did I check my phone or wondered how much longer till the movie was over, which again is a good sign. 

If you're hesitant about watching Avatar: The Way of Water, let this be your sign to go watch it! My only advice is to make sure the theatre you choose is one with comfortable seats and if you know you'll need a meal while watching go to a dine-in theatre.

xo, Your Girl Jess

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