Bag Organization Hack That's Under $2

Some might call me a hoarder, but I like to call myself a collector. 😂 Long story short, I own a lot of bags and I'm constantly looking for ways to optimize how I store and organize them in my closet. 

Before discovering this product, all of my smaller bags were stacked on top of each other, it looked like a cluttered mess, and was not functional. Now all my bags are nice and organized, and easily accessible thanks to this wired cabinet shelf I found on my recent trip to Dollar Tree!

This shelf is meant to go inside your cabinets, but I found it worked great for this hack and I needed to share it with you in case you are looking to optimize the storage and organization of your smaller bags.

Dollar Tree Wire Cabinet Shelf • LINKED HERE

Dollar Tree Wire Cabinet Shelf • LINKED HERE

Each shelf is $1.50 which is a phenomenal deal! I bought four of them for under $6 to add an extra shelf to the existing shelf in my closet. In doing so I was able to store my smaller bags on the bottom and the taller bags on the top. 

These wired shelves have made it easy to access the smaller bags, I simply slide them out when I want to use them and slide them back in when I'm done.

What I love most about this hack is that I can visually see all of my bags so I know exactly where everything is, and it's so satisfying!

I hope you found this blog post helpful! Thank you for taking some time out of your day to visit my blog, I appreciate you so much.

Until next time friend, take care!

xo, Your Girl Jess

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