NARS Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation Wear Test on Oily Skin

The NARS Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation has popped off on social media and I must admit that I was highly influenced to try out this foundation for myself.

So today I'll be sharing a wear test of this foundation and for reference, I do have oily skin.

According to the Sephora website, this foundation claims to be "a buildable, full-coverage foundation with up to 16 hours of lightweight, natural, fade-resistant wear." It also says that this foundation is suitable for those with dry, combo, and normal skin types - so the fact that my skin is super oily will make this wear test quite interesting! 😆

Before I go on, I want to share a quick backstory about what I experienced trying to get this foundation because you might find it entertaining. So I go to Sephora to ask for samples, because I didn't want to purchase the entire foundation in fear that I'd end up not liking it, and plus that is what samples are for! Anyway, I get the samples, and it never occurred to me to check how much product was added to the sample containers. So when I'm getting ready to try out the foundation I'm super excited until I open the sample container to realize how little foundation they put in each one.

When I tell you my jaw hit the floor, I mean it. I went off on a brief rant in this TikTok about how shocked and disappointed I was about the whole thing. But in the end, I was able to get a thin layer of foundation to do this wear west (I was literally scraping everything out of that sample container)

My TikTok comments did suggest adding more product to my sample container whilst at Sephora the next time I ask for a sample. So I'm passing along this information so that this doesn't happen to you! 😅

Back to the subject at hand, the wear test! 

I did film a TikTok of myself doing this wear test, so be sure to check out that video (below) if you'd like to see how the foundation wore throughout the day.

@xoyourgirljess overall the foundation wore nicely despite how oily my skin got and i like the full coverage of it too. #narsfoundation #viralmakeup #narsradiantfoundation #foundationweartest #oilyskinmakeup #makeuptok #makeuptiktok #viralfoundation ♬ Elevator Music - Bohoman

Here are my observations and takeaways from this wear test.

Before I applied the foundation onto my skin, I did color correct my hyperpigmentation and acne with the LA Girl Pro Conceal Peach Corrector which was a necessary step, otherwise I don't think the amount of foundation that I had would have been enough to cover. However if I did have enough product to add multiple layers to those areas I could have made it work.

When I first applied the foundation (around 3:10 pm) I did see that it provided lots of coverage, enough to cover the peach corrector, which I liked. It dried down to a semi-matte finish on my skin, contrary to it being a "radiant finish" according to the Sephora website. Although, this could have been due to the moisturizer I used prior to application. The moisturizer I used was the La Roche-Posay Double Repair Matte Moisturizer which does give my skin a soft matte finish.

As I went through the makeup application process, I did find that the foundation sat well underneath the rest of my base products which I did appreciate. The shade I sampled was Punjab but unfortunately it was a bit too tan for my skintone. I do however want to go back to try and find the right color match for me.

At about 7:10 pm I did start to notice that my T-zone was getting oily but I made a point to not touch up my skin with setting powder throughout this entire wear test.

The final check in was at 10:25 pm and I noitced an increase of oil and shine along my T-zone however I didn't notice any cracking or separation of the foundation in those areas that can sometimes happen from the oil, so that was a good sign.

My overall expereince wearing this foundation was good. I would like to see how it wears when its layered on the skin and how it wears when touching up with powder and/or blotting papers throughout the day. With this said, I will be back at Sephora hunting for my right color match and doing this again but a bit differently. Be sure to follow me on TikTok to see when I share that! 

I hope you found today's post helpful or at the very least entertaining! Thank you for being here, I appreciate you so very much.

Until next time friends, take care!

xo, Your Girl Jess

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