My Awe Inspired Jewelry Collection

Months ago, I wrote in my planner that I wanted to write a post sharing my most-worn jewelry pieces and today is the day I finally get around to it.

Well, sort of.

Instead of sharing all of my most-worn jewelry pieces (which I will share soon) I want to share my collection of pieces from one of my favorite jewelry brands who I wear all the time, Awe Inspired.

Awe Inspired creates beautiful and meaningful high-quality jewelry pieces that are designed to inspire and last a lifetime. This brand is mission-driven, female-founded, and gives back to the community by donating 20% of all proceeds to several charities.

Here is a quote directly from the Awe Inspired website that describes who they are as a company: "We strive to raise inner strength, celebrate diversity, spread feminism, and advocate for social justice every day. And bring a little more beauty into the world with storied jewelry that will inspire awe for generations."

I resonate with that statement so much which is why I'm such a fan of this brand, and the fact that they create and design such beautiful jewelry is even more reason for me to adore them. 

Now that you know why I love this brand and why you should check them out. Here are the jewelry pieces that I own from Awe Inspired.


Woman Power Goddess Charm Necklace - This necklace combines the female Venus symbol with a protesting fist and is embellished with a purple amethyst gemstone. I love this piece so much because to me, this necklace represents the strong and powerful divine feminine energy within me. // Available in gold and silver, and in several chain lengths and chain styles.

Virgo Necklace - This is a dual-sided necklace with a celestial goddess on one side and her corresponding constellation on the other. My zodiac signs is Virgo (and so are my sun and rising sign) so I resonate with this sign so much, I feel like she represents me in so many ways which is why I love this necklace. // Available in all zodiac signs, gold and silver, and in several chain lengths and chain styles.

Diamond Moon Locket - This oval-shaped diamond moon locket necklace is a timeless piece and can hold two photos inside. The reason why I'm so excited about this being my very first locket necklace is because I think it's such a significant piece that allows me to carry something special and personal close to my heart. // Available in gold and silver.


Curb Chain Necklace - A classic layering piece like this curb chain necklace is an essential item to have in a jewelry collection. This can be worn alone for a minimalist look or layered to compliment other pieces which is why I love it.

Medusa Necklace - This Medusa necklace is my most worn piece and the one I've had the longest. Medusa has been immortalized as a totem to ward off evil and she remains a symbol of female empowerment threatening patriarchy. For those reasons I admire this powerful and badass bitch. // Available in gold and silver, and in several chain lengths and chain styles.


Mini Ruth Bader Ginsburg Necklace - The Notorious RBG is a legend. She was the court's second female justice and with her fierce attitude she pushed to break barriers allowing her to become an icon. Throughout her career she fought and advocated for women's rights, minorities' rights, gender equality, rights of workers, and other civil liberties. I admire the positive impact she's made in the world which is why I love this piece. // Available in gold and silver, and in several chain lengths and chain styles.

Frida Kahlo Necklace - I admire Frida Kahlo because she was a Mexican artist, visionary, and feminist who defied society's beauty standards, symbolized resilience, and dared to express her genuine personality regardless of judgements. Her artwork was and still is very inspiring as it acted as a tool of powerful expression. For all of these reasons I'm proud to wear this necklace and honor her. // Available in gold and silver, and in several chain lengths and chain styles.


Athena Signet Ring - I wear this ring all the time because I love the style of it and because it has the goddess Athena on it. The war goddess Athena represents wisdom, courage, strength, strategy, and intellect among many other things. A lot of her qualities I admire and so I try to channel them when wearing this piece. // Available in gold and silver.

That rounds up all of the pieces from my Awe Inspired jewelry collection.


I would love to know, which of these pieces is your personal favorite? Let me know your answer by leaving it in the comments section of this post down below.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, I hope you enjoyed it.

Until next time friends, take care!

xo, Your Girl Jess

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