Halloween Weekend Recap + Vlog

I'm well aware we are now in November now, but how was your Halloween weekend? Did you dress up this year? Go trick or treating? Let me know down in the comments section of this blog post.

This past Halloween weekend was a lot of fun for the most part so today I thought I'd share a recap of how it went.

On Friday night my husband and I had plans to meet up with a group of our friends at a local bar that was hosting a Halloween costume contest. I dressed up as a dark angel and my husband dressed up as the devil in an attempt to match my costume.

Before we headed out to the bar, my sister, her boyfriend, and I pregamed at home like smart adults. Because who likes paying an absurd amount of money on booze at the bar? Not I!

With a handful of double shots in me, that I didn't realize I'd regret so much later, we go on about our mary way. At the bar, I socialized with strangers (as one does when alcohol is in complete control and social anxiety has taken a back seat), played some games (badly) that the bar had set up, and kind-of-sort-of-watched the Astros baseball game.

There were so many amazing costumes on this night but because of my level of drunkenness, it's all kind of a blur. Nonetheless, it was such a fun night!

What wasn't so fun was waking up on Saturday with a hangover that made me feel like crap the entire day. I refused to take painkillers for the pounding headache and chose to ride out the painful train to recovery. Most of this day was spent sleeping, drinking water, and eating nutritious foods. I'd say it helped because later that evening after showering I started feeling a lot better.

Now I know everyone says this the morning after going a little too hard the night before, but I'm not drinking that much again for a very long time, if ever again. My body just can't handle it like it used to lol.

On Sunday I was cured and woke up feeling great and excited about enjoying the day in full. I was feeling so good in fact that I decided to vlog on this day. Click the video below to watch what I did on Halloween Day.

As shown in the video, on this day we were out on the town with our dog and spent most of the day outside and out of the house. Later in the evening, I finished watching the latest season of You on Netflix while snuggled up on my couch.

Overall it was a great memorable weekend spent with amazing people, beautiful weather, and lessons learned.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog post today, I appreciate you so very much. Until next time friends, take care!

xo, Your Girl Jess

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