Styling My Shelves

After countless hours of scrolling through Pinterest and multiple shopping trips later, I've completed the task of styling my shelves and I absolutely love how everything came together in the end! Today I wanted to share a corner of my house that I am loving at the moment and how it all came to be.

When it came down to choosing the pieces to decorate this corner of the house I didn't just want the space to look good, I also wanted it to feel like my husband and I. I achieved that by adding items we previously owned like the musical instruments and books and by adding newer items, which I've linked below for you to shop!

Shelf Unit // Picture Frames // Art Print // Globe // Watering Can // Faux Oregano Plant // Gold Plant Pot // Lightbox

Every item represents my husband and I in one way or another. For example, my husband likes to play guitar, is into cars and enjoys reading about astronomy hence the musical instruments and books. I like plants, art, poetry and reading thus the greenery, watering can, wall art and various other books. We're both believers in positive energy and love traveling hence the globe, light-box and sculpture.

I'm obsessed with this corner, it's the perfect representation of us, all while looking sleek and minimal. Be prepared to see this as my backdrop in every Instagram photo, haha. Thank you for reading todays interior post, hope you have a great weekend. Until next time friends, take care!

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