A Glimpse Of My Cozy Kitchen

Since purchasing our first home three months ago, I've yet to share any further details about it. Today I thought I'd start by showing you the coziest area in our house, the kitchen! Not much has changed from when we first bought the house, all I've done is dressed it up with a few decorative pieces and accessories.

Striped Towel // Accent Rug // Faux Thyme Plant // Faux Grass Plant // Serving Tray

When it came to decorating the kitchen I kept it very minimal, keeping as much of the counter space clean and clutter-free, adding only a couple of faux plants in the corner to add life and color into the space and sticking to a light and neutral color palette to make the area feel as spacious as possible.

Our kitchen might be small but we have big plans for it in the future! In the meantime it will stay as is, then later down the road when we're ready to renovate it I will share the final reveal. I hope you enjoyed the first look into my cozy kitchen, stay tuned for more posts like this. Thank you for reading. Until next time friends, take care!


  1. I LOVE your kitchen. It looks cozy and it’s bright and clutter free. I definitely love the vibes it’s giving off.

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you like the minimalist vibe :)