Inexpensive Closet Organization

For a while now I've had the idea of re-organizing the closet in my beauty room but found it difficult to do so because of the odd layout. As you guys can see in the photograph above, there is a wall between the closet doors that doesn't allow me to easily access the space in the center of the closet. While brainstorming for ideas of how I could utilize the space to the best of it's ability without having to spend much money, I came up with the perfect plan...hanging organizers!

Hanging organizers are great because they free up floor space and are more budget friendly compared to actual shelving units. On Sunday my husband and I took a trip to Walmart, he needed to get a couple of things for his motorcycle so I took advantage of us being there and checked out the closet organization aisle and that is where I found these very, very affordable hanging organizers that I knew would work perfectly for the space.

I brought home three 10-shelf hanging organizers, one 6-shelf hanging organizer and one set of collapsible drawers. Each item was just under five dollars; $4.88 to be exact!! If you're in need of these organizers check your local Walmart because for some reason I cannot seem to find them on the Walmart website. :(

I'll link similar organizers that I find online for you guys, if you're interested.

Be warned the before photos are horrendous and the photo quality is not the best, I apologize, I took them with my dirty iPhone camera. Here are side by side photos of the before and after for comparison.

What a huge improvement! As you can see I used the closet organizers for the side of the closet that stores all the shoes and purses, the other side stores my studio lights, it just needed to be cleaned and re-organized.

Here are more after photos for your viewing pleasure :) Am I the only person who finds organizing to be so satisfying and calming? Haha!

Everything fit perfectly I even had space for future shoes and purses. ;) I was impressed by the size of the collapsible drawers, the one photographed above held five to six of my small crossbody bags. The hanging organizers were also extremely easy to set up they're hung up by velcro straps.

The over-the-door hook hangers I bought from the Dollar Tree for $1.00, they also have storage baskets there, I highly recommend you check out your local Dollar Tree for closet organization items as well.

I hope you enjoyed reading about how I managed to organize my closet for under $25. Until next time friends, take care!

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