Curls for the Girls

I constantly get asked how I style my hair to get these curls so today I'm sharing with you the steps I take along with tips and tricks to achieve this hairstyle - it's actually very simple!

For reference, let me begin by saying that I personally have naturally curly hair, it's not very thick but not fine either and it's medium length (and in desperate need of a trim haha).

Okay, now that you have an understanding of my hair type we can move on to what products and tools you're going to need to get this hairstyle.

Macadamia Healing Oil Spray - I always start by spraying this all over my damp hair. This spray provides moisture and shine to my hair which is why I like to use it before styling.

TRESemme Heat Tamer Spray - After I've sprayed the healing oil I go in with this. I spray this all over my hair to ensure it's protected against all the heat from our heating tools.

Hair clips and hair brush/hair comb - You're obviously going to need to clip your hair into sections when we begin the styling process so hair clips are a must. A hair brush or hair comb will also be needed as we will be using this to smooth out and de-tangle the hair.

Hair Dryer - In my opinion using a hair dryer is optional. If you're short on time and need to style your hair quickly then a hair dyer is necessary, however if you have the time I'd recommend letting your hair air dry to prevent heat damage. In conclusion the use of this tool is completely up to you.

Curling Wand - This will be our main tool throughout the entire process. The wand I use is the 1.25" barrel. If you're wanting to achieve tighter curls use a smaller barrel and if you want softer, bigger curls you're going to need a larger barrel.

Hair Straightener - Another optional tool is the hair straightener. I recommend using this if you have curly hair, like me, or wavy hair. The reason for the hair straighter is to smooth out the roots of our hair. If you have naturally straight hair you might not need this tool at all.

Now that we've gone over the tools it's time to move onto the steps!

1. Spray your hair products onto damp hair then brush it through.

2. Dry your hair using the hair dryer (optional). I blow dry my hair the lazy way, by simply moving the hair dryer around my entire scalp, through my hair and flipping my head over to get the bottom sections until all of my hair is dry. I can't be bothered to blow dry my hair in sections haha.

3. Once your hair is completely dry begin to section the hair horizontally starting from the bottom. 

As you start curling your hair you will continue to section it until you reach the crown of the head. When you get to the crown of the head you will section your hair according to how you part your hair (down the middle, to the right or the left).

4. After you've sectioned the hair, starting with the bottom section you're going to split that section in half or right down the middle and bring it to the front. You will do this for every section up until you reach the crown. This step ensures you don't miss any sections in the back of your head.

5. Now that you have your section split in half you can begin curling. Start with either side curling about 1-1.5 inch sections of hair at a time. Make sure that you are curling AWAY from the face. Wrap and hold your hair around the wand for 5-15 seconds then release. Continue until you've reached the crown. 

If you have curly or wavy hair use the hair straightener and straighten the roots of your 1-1.5 inch sections before curling. 

If you have longer hair and/or thick hair you may need to pin your curls and wait for them to set because the length and thickness may weigh the hair down causing it to lose it's curl, if you have naturally curly hair I don't think you'll have any issues.

6. When you get to the crown of the head you will part your hair accordingly (as mentioned in step three) then continue to section your hair in 1-1.5 inch sections and straighten/curl away from the face (as mentioned in step five) until you've curled your entire hair. After you've done all of this you're done!

Because I have naturally curly hair my curls stay in place without the use of hairspray but if your hair tends to not hold then using a hairspray may be necessary.

I hope this hair tutorial was helpful and simple to understand. Until next time friends, take care!

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