DIY Reception Table Numbers

I've been crazy busy with wedding planning and appointments that I've had no time to blog, for that I apologize. But today I'm back with a DIY project I did over the weekend, I made these metallic gold framed table numbers for my wedding reception and I'm so happy with how they turned out!

I bought my supplies from Dollar Tree, Michaels and Walmart.  

Picture Frames • Available HERE
Spray Paint •  Available HERE
Table Numbers • Available HERE
Scissors + Pencil

First I spray painted the picture frames, I didn't get a before picture of the frames but they were an antiqued copper color. I took the glass and back off leaving only the frame, I then laid them out on a flat surface over some newspaper and painted them. Make sure you shake the spray paint very well before painting, it makes the paint go on a lot smoother and it gives you better color payoff. This paint dries super fast, my frames were completely dry in about 15 minutes.
I decided to buy table numbers but you can make them at home using your computer and printer at no cost. I don't own a printer so I opted for purchasing them instead, I bought my table numbers from Michaels for around $8 they were on sale; originally they're $10.99. 
The numbers alone are really pretty they have a nice cutout, they're double sided and my favorite part they're foiled which I loved, but I decided to cut and put them into 4x6 picture frames. I carefully traced the glass from the picture frame onto the table number with a pencil then cut what I traced. 
After cutting each table number just place them in the frame and that's it, you're done!
I love how they turned out they're exactly how I envisioned them to look like, I hope you enjoyed this simple DIY project and found it to be helpful. I will try my best to have another blog post up this week, until next time friends.

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