Anastasia Beverly Hills Palette

Is it just me or does it feel like Christmas when you receive a package in the mail? Every time I buy something online I count down the days until its delivered, I know I can't be the only one who does this.

My sister texted me and told me about the sale ABH had going on Cyber Monday, at first I was like "do I really need more makeup..?" then I thought to myself "okay maybe I'll just look and see what they have on sale" when I saw the prices of their eye shadows I had to buy some. They were only $4.50 each, that's more than half off of the original price!! I bought all the ones I'd been wanting to try out that were in stock, a lot of their other really popular shades were sold out.

The sale also included a free palette to put all your eyeshadow in which I thought was super awesome and convenient. Here are the eye shadows I bought and the swatches for each shade, the swatches are in the exact same order as they are in the palette.

These are the shade descriptions as listed on the ABH website:
Birkin - warm beige mauve
Burnt Orange - deep orange
Fudge - rich warm brown
Beauty Mark - matte eggplant
Fawn - soft neutral olive
Sienna - earthy brown
Red Earth - reddish brown
Deep Brown - deep chocolate brown

Sorry for the shit swatches, but my first thought when I dipped my finger in the pan to swatch them was literally how buttery they felt, then when I swatched them on the skin I was like damn these shadows are so smooth! The only shade that in my opinion swatched a little patchy was beauty mark, but I have to see how it applies on the eyes with a brush but other than that they were exactly as I thought they'd be, top quality. I'm excited to really see how they perform when I create looks with them, let this be the beginning of my collection of Anastasia Beverly Hills single eye shadows.

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