Unboxing What I Got In The Mail Today

In this blog post, I'm sharing an unboxing video of the items I received in the mail today. I also share close-up photos and links of each item if you want to check them out.

Lane Woods Jewelry Oval Cut Moissanite Ring - This ring is absolutely stunning and it retails for under $200. I'm obsessed with the design of this ring and the light reflects beautifully from the 2-carat moissanite stone. // Ring linked here

Wonder Inspired Narrow Spinner Ring - This ring is so unique to me because it's a spinner ring! I'm such an anxious fidgeter and this ring is now something that I can wear, looks fashionable, but can help ease some anxiousness. // Ring linked here 

Adoyi 9 Piece Gold Earrings Set - This set of earrings retails for under $20 and can be found on Amazon! As someone who has multiple piercings on each ear, I appreciate that there's a mix of huggies and various-sized hoops in this set. // Earrings linked here 

xo, Your Girl Jess

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