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SHEIN Button Up Blouse // SHEIN Denim Shorts 
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When I first started to look for inspo to decorate my house, I came across this image on Pinterest and absolutely loved the minimal aesthetic. Instantly I searched the web for similar pieces and I came across this round brass mirror on the Target website and knew I had to have it.

I made the wise decision to not buy it out of impulse, instead I browsed the internet for weeks to find cheaper options. I slowly started to realized that this mirror was actually the most affordable for its size, compared to similar styles online.

After months of serious contemplation and eyeing the mirror both online and in-stores, I finally caved and bought it on my recent shopping trip to Target when I saw it was on sale for $44.99!! The minute I arrived home I took it out of the packaging and decided to take mirror selfies, which then lead to the thought: "Do I want to hang this on the wall or keep it around as a free-floating selfie mirror?"

As much as I'd love to have it free-floating for picture taking I decided the best and safest thing to do was to hang it on the entryway wall.

TARGET Round Brass Mirror // AMAZON Console Table 

In addition to a round mirror, I also needed an entryway table. I found this console table on Amazon,
for under $45 which fit perfectly in this small space. I also really like the wood and metal combo! 😍

DW HOME Santal Musk Candle // IKEA Faux Plant

Once I had my mirror and table in place I took a trip to my local TJ Maxx to find the finishing touches for my new setup. Browsing through their candles I fell in love with the scent of this santal musk candle, it smells masculine with subtle notes of sweetness.

Afterwards I went to a plant nursery near my house and bought two new houseplants [seen below]. On the left is a Petra Croton and on the right is a Golden Pothos. Aren't they beautiful?

I asked you all on my Instagram what I should name them and one of you suggested I name one Petra and the other Pothos. I'm sticking with those names!

Later that day I hung my baby Pothos plant by the window and moved baby Petra next to my ZZ plant named Steve. Full disclosure: I'm proudly admit to being a crazy plant lady that names her plants, haha!

That concludes my most recent home buys, let me know, which was your favorite?

xo, Your Girl Jess

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