DIY Floating Shelves

Happy first of October!! I can't believe we're starting a new month already, it feels like September came and went in the blink of an eye. It still feels very much like summer here in Houston, let's hope the month of October brings us fall-like weather. Also, happy Monday, hope you all had a great weekend.

On Saturday my husband and I did a little DIY project for my beauty room. We created these super easy floating shelves which turned out really nice, so naturally I thought, why not share?! This project was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be and it's also really affordable and budget friendly; which is so awesome! Here's the full list of supplies and tools you'll need for this DIY:


  • Lumbar. We purchased a wooden plank that was 6' in length and 1" in thickness which we later cut into three 24" pieces; we paid about $8 for the lumbar.
  • Drywall Anchors. We bought two packs of these anchors.
  • Corner Brace. These are the ones we used.
  • Sand Paper. You'll need this to smooth the edges and surfaces before painting/staining.
  • Spray Paint. This step is optional and completely depends on the look you're going for. I wanted white shelves so I used this spray paint to achieve the look, you can also use acrylic paint. If you want the natural wooden look you'll need wood conditioner and wood stain.
  • Tools: Saw // Drill // Level // Measuring Tape // Pencil


  1. Start by measuring and marking the shelf length you want
  2. Use the markings as a guideline and cut the wood using a saw
  3. After the wood is cut to your desired length, sand and smooth all the edges/surfaces
  4. Paint the shelves and let them dry
  5. Screw the corner braces onto each self using the drill [we used two braces per shelf]
  6. Place and level the shelves where you want them to go on the wall and mark it with a pencil
  7. Drill the drywall anchors over your markings
  8. Use the drill to screw the shelves onto the wall
In just eight easy steps you too can create these floating shelves for your home. I love how the shelves look in my beauty room, it really helped elevate the space. It's a nice and functional feature and most importantly it was easy and affordable. I hope you enjoyed this DIY project and found it helpful. Until next time friends, take care!

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