We Bought Our First House

Tuesday, May 29th was the day we became official home owners. That morning we closed on our first home and obtained the keys to what some would consider, a new chapter in our lives. My husband and I were, and still are over the moon excited to have the opportunity to purchase a home, to share such a big milestone and to have made this accomplishment together.

On Friday, June 1st we were officially moved in. We've been living in our new home for a little over a month now and I'm very much looking forward to creating new memories in our new place, cooking lots of family meals together, throwing parties where we can all unite to celebrate and to decorate of course! Haha. Now that we're homeowners, we'll have lots of home projects, DIYs and much more happening which I will be sharing here on my blog!

I plan on filming a house tour for my YouTube channel once everything starts looking more put together. I've already started the design and decor process, hoping it will all be finished in a few months. If that's something you'd be interested in subscribe to my YouTube channel so you can watch that video when it goes live. You can find the direct link to my YouTube channel on the sidebar of my blog! :)

Until next time friends, take care.

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