Busy Week: Life Update

This week has been quite busy and stressful. As I mentioned in my previous post my husband and I are searching for our first home and for most of this week we've had meetings, showings, phone calls, emails and so on that I've had no time to hit the gym to focus on my health or time to write and create content for my blog (hence having no post up on Wednesday).

I try my hardest to publish three posts per week here on my blog, sadly this week just wasn't one of them. Instead of my usual beauty/fashion related content I've been writing more "life update" posts this week to have something for you to read and enjoy. Apart from my blog being a place where I can share creative posts such as makeup looks, outfit of the days, etc. I also like to think of my blog as my own personal diary where I share and write about what's going on in my life.

At this moment in time there's lots of house hunting and research happening. If you've ever owned a home or are in the process you can understand how stressful it all can be. I constantly have to remind myself to be patient and optimistic and that we will find the right home for us. We've seen a few homes that we see ourselves living in but let me tell you, the houses around here are selling like hot cakes!! From the time a home is listed there's only a matter of days before someone makes an offer and it goes from being on sale to pending sale.

We're obviously going to continue searching until we find the right one. Until then I will continue to share and write about the process. I hope to be back to my regular posting schedule this coming week, I'm also going to try my hardest to film and edit a video for my YouTube channel. Aren't subscribed to my channel yet? Check out my channel here and subscribe here!

Happy Friday, hope everyone has a great weekend. Until next time friends, take care!


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