Wet n Wild Beauty Haul

A little over a week ago I was on the hunt for a new highlighter and during my search I came across the Wet n' Wild MegaGlo highlighting powders. I was so impressed with the swatches and feedback from reviewers that I had to buy it, plus the price is unbeatable.
I go to the Wet n' Wild website with the intentions of only purchasing the highlighter and as always I ended up with eight extra products in my shopping cart. Do I regret it? Not at all. My total came out to $28.27 which is amazing for the amount of products I bought.
Each highlighter retails for $3.99 each and they are limited edition. You can buy them HERE. When I read that they were limited edition I decided to get multiple, plus they were super inexpensive so why not. I bought 3 of Precious Petals and 1 of Crown of My Canopy.
Precious Petals is on the left and Crown of My Canopy is on the right. I felt that Precious Petals would suit my skin tone a lot more than the other which is why I bought more of that particular shade. I haven't used either shade yet but I have swatched them both and they are really pigmented and glowy, I'm super excited to wear them.
Navigating through the website I stumbled across their brushes and was stunned at how inexpensive they were that I added a few that caught my eye to my cart. The first brush I added was their crease brush because number one its only $0.99 and number two because you can never have too many blending brushes. You can buy it HERE
The second brush I added on was the small stipple brush and it retails for $2.99. I love using small stipple brushes for applying my cream contour and the one I previously owned broke so I was in need of a new one. You can buy it HERE.
Third brush to go in my shopping cart was their fan brush, it also retails for $2.99. The fan brush I currently own I got in a Sephora brush set and it's really scratchy so I'm hoping this will be its replacment. You can buy it HERE
The final brush I bought was the small concealer brush, I find these brushes to be very multipurpose and I also feel like I can never have too many since I do use them a lot. Let me be honest, I'm too lazy to clean each brush every time I use it so it's good to have extras. This brush retails for $0.99 and you can buy it HERE.
I also bought a white liquid eyeliner simply because I didn't own one and needed one to create cool looks with. The eyeliner was on sale for $1.99. You can buy it HERE.
Those were all the products that I purchased and I can't wait to test everything out!
♡ Sincerely, Jessica

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