Fullips Lip Enhancers Review

Months ago I was sent these Fullips Lip Enhancers, and it took me so long to review these little guys cause it took me a while to really learn how to use them. So let me give you some background on these products really quickly, they were founded by the sweet Linda Gomez for those out there who desire fuller lips without having to get any sort of lip augmentations and what they do is make your lips plumper - clearly.
The package included the three differently sized devices they offer, a little toothbrush to exfoliate your lips and a note with instructions. 
Now let's be honest, many of us, including myself want juicy full lips. Now we can achieve them with this cool invention, so what exactly is Fullips and how does it work? 
Fullips is a self-suction device where you basically place your lips in the device and gently suck to give you plumper lips, its that easy! (this is key people, you HAVE to be gentle) 
The three different sizes they have are small oval, medium oval and large round.
Small Oval is best for those of you with thinner lips or those who want to target specific areas.
Medium Oval is for a smaller overall mouth size, you can place single or both lips inside.
Large Round is for those of you with fuller mouths, you can place both lips inside.
I use the small oval to target specific areas and use the large round one for my overall lips. You get better results and suction when you provide moisture around the lips, so I prep my lips with the Maybelline Baby Lips any sort of lip balm will work, even water.  
It is extremely important to completely read and follow the instructions on how to use this correctly. As I stated earlier being gentle is key in all of this because if you suck to hard into the device you can bruise your lips and it is not cute having to walk around with purple or blue bruised lips. Trust me, it happened to me the first time I used it. I sucked way to hard and basically popped it off my lips and they were blue the next day and they stayed that way for about a week! It was so embarrassing - but why did that happen? Because I WAS NOT GENTLE! Another important note is to start slowly and relax your lips when using Fullips. Their website has helpful "How To Use" Videos that you can watch to get a clear demonstration on how to properly use it - you can learn more by visiting their website www.fullips.com. I will be making my own demonstration video soon for those of you who want to see how I achieve fuller lips.
Ok so bottom line - I really like this device, my sister uses it every time she goes out and I can see a difference, I use it myself and can see a difference. I think the idea behind it is genius and it's a great confident and self-esteem booster in my opinion, and who doesn't want to feel confident and beautiful? 

♡ Sincerely, Jessica

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