Wet n Wild Beauty Mega Last Lipsticks Review

Hey loves, today's blog post is going to be about the Wet n Wild Mega Last Lip Color lipsticks. YES, I know these have been around for quite a while not but I thought I'd share this with those of you out there who have yet to try them or for those of you who don't even know these lipsticks exist. Let's get started!
I believe there are about 26 colors in the entire collection, I only own 14 shades. Let me start by saying that these lipsticks are extremely pigmented and crazy affordable, I purchased them at my local Dollar General for only $1.99!! They have a pretty good variety of colors in the collection that could suit anyone - from nude shades all the way up to vampy shades - these lipsticks have a semi-matte, creme finish which I think is quite nice because some matte lipsticks can be too over drying on the lips. I've read in a few places that some of these lipsticks are pretty comparable in color to a few MAC and other name brand lipsticks, which is always fun to find. 
Let's talk about these shades shall we, I'm going to list the comparable color next to each lipstick in the description - keep in mind that I'm going based upon what I've read, I have not personally compared these lipsticks against others.

Starting off with the nude shades 
901 B 'Think Pink' is a nude baby pink shade *color dupe for MAC's Creme Cup*
902 C 'Bare It All' is a browny-nude shade *color dupe for MAC's Cherish*
901 B 'Just Peachy' is a pinky-peach shade *color dupe for Lime Crime's Babette*
Pink Shades
967 'Dollhouse Pink' is a very bright cool toned pink *color dupe for MAC's Saint Germain*
966 'Don't Blink Pink' is a perfect fuchsia shade *color dupe for MAC's Girl About Town*
968 'Pinkerbell' is a bright coral-pink shade *color dupe for MAC's Viva Glam Nicki*
905D 'Smokin' Hot Pink' is a deep fuchsia shade *color dupe for MAC's Moxie*
Plum Shades
907C 'Mauve Outta Here' is a plummy-pink shade
965 'Cherry Picking' is a red-violet shade *color dupe for MAC's Love Goddess*
906D 'Wine Room' is a dark rose shade; one shade darker than Smokin' Hot Pink
918D 'Cherry Bomb' is a perfect dark burgundy vampy shade *color dupe for MAC's Diva*
Red Shades
911D 'Spotlight Red' is a cool toned red shade *color dupe for MAC's Russian Red*
907 'Purty Persimmon' is a red-orange shade *color dupe for MAC's So Chaud* 
910D Red Velvet is a warm toned red shade *color dupe for MAC's Red*
Top row L-R: Red Velvet, Cherry Bomb, Mauve Outta Here, Don't Blink Pink, Think Pink 
Middle row L-R: Purty Persimmon, Wine Room, Cherry Picking, Dollhouse Pink, Bare It All
Bottom row L-R: Spotlight Red, Smokin' Hot Pink, Pinkerbell, Just Peachy

That concludes this blog post, I hope you guys enjoyed and found it useful. Until next time, stay beautiful!

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